Sunday, January 25, 2009

Optimize VS workspace by hiding tool windows

Simple macro toggles all tool windows

Dim showToolWindows As Integer

Public Sub MyToggleToolWindows()

If (showToolWindows = 1) Then

showToolWindows = 0


showToolWindows = 1

End If

For Each window As Window In DTE.Windows

' Check that this is a tool window and not a document window.

If (window.Document Is Nothing) Then

' hide window.


window.Visible = showToolWindows

Catch exception As Exception

End Try

End If


End Sub

Sunday, January 11, 2009

SL unmanaged helpers on codeplex

I posted updated version of unmanaged helpers for accessing SL object model. With helpers you can write code in C++ which matches C# or jscript.

For example here is how to add an event handler to an object

CXcpDelegateT(CObject)::create(this, &CObject::OnMouseEnter));

Source code is available on

Back to basics

I spent last few month designing new UI for myDock. Test version of UI did not work very well, so I am returning back to original code.

On the good side, I mastered a process of hosting SL2.0 including managed code from unmanaged applications. See details on

1051 version will be available in few days