Tuesday, March 25, 2008

mydock, 03-25-2007

My clone of OS X dock. Requires SilverLight runtime to run.

I've been using ObjectDock for a while, but was always disappointed by lack of functionality compared to OS X dock.

Main difference is in the way how applications are handled by the dock. In OS X, same icon can be used to started pinned application or switch to it. If application is not pinned, clicking on icon activates the application. In ObjectDock, there are two types of icons; one for running windows and second for pinned apps. As a result, you might see two instances of the same icon.

To try mydock,
- download MyDock.zip unzip it to an empty folder
- run "mydock.exe".
- md5 hash for zip file is 3e57f216ce78920952207b34502d236e

Code is under active development. To be continued....

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