Monday, March 31, 2008

Number of updates
- Added initial version of drag&drop support both from shell and inside the dock. Now you can re-arrange docklets by dragging them
- Added configuration file for basic properties like docklet size. See dock_mini.xml for details. To use configuration, rename dock_mini.xml to dock.xml and copy it to either application directory or appdata directory
- Added key to hide / show the dock. Configurable through global config

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Denny said...

wow drag and drop is really sexy!!!

the black arrow is sometimes still wrong (i.e. I started gflags and closed it, but there is still black arrow under gflags icon). 'New instance' doesn't start regedit for me (is it because regedit requires elevation?).

AlexEzh said...

Regedit works fine on XP. Same for arrow for gflags. Was gflags running elevated?

Denny said...

yep gflags was elevated too

gonna dogfood the dock on Win7 too :)